Equine maxillary facial tumor

The following report documents 8 cases of equine osteosarcoma, the majority occurring in male horses aged 7 years or older with a lack of metastasis identified in any horse. Fungal and neoplastic processes of the equine paranasal sinuses have a less favorable prognosis than bacterial and other disease processes. The large size and complex anatomy of the sinuses can allow a pathologic process to be present for weeks or months before any external signs, such as facial swelling or nasal discharge, are noticed by the owner or veterinarian. Diseased tooth roots are usually removed via oral extraction, trephination over the appropriate region of the maxillary sinus, or sinusotomy of the frontonasal or maxillary bones. This case report describes the clinical and imaging findings of a horse with sinonasal neoplasia, which had metastasized to the lung, liver, and humerus. A tracheotomy kept Precisionist comfortable for a few more days, but Aldinger ultimately put the horse down on Sept.

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Lump, Bump, Growth on Face or Head

Skill of the surgeon is crucial as there are many important blood vessels, nerves, salivary ducts etc which traverse parts of the cheek region, and these must be avoided in the surgical incisions. Please review our privacy policy. Sinusotomy can also take place on a standing horse, and involves placing a catheter to assist in drainage. Surgical excision of lipomas is the treatment of choice, and lipomas usually do not recur following complete excision 10 , 27 , 30 , The sinus may be cleaned and appropriate drainage into the nasal passage can be established. The sinus flap was then replaced and the periosteum was closed in a simple continuous pattern using No.

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The osseous destruction in combination with focal inflammation and increasing tissue acidity results in sensitized and partially destroyed peripheral nerve endings resulting in a high level of pain [ 11 ]. Paraurethral lipoma in a mare associated with frequent urination. Baillere, Tindall and Cox, ; Table of Contents Alerts. The expression of apoptotic proteins and matrix metalloproteinases in odontogenic myxomas: Thus early diagnosis , and possibly treatment, by a veterinarian is essential for a successful outcome.
Current Therapy in Equine Medicine 2. Garcia-Lopez said the cysts can be a growth with a bony core, or they can be like an eggshell filled with mucus. ND-YAG laser treatment of 25 progressive ethmoid haematomas and other masses of ethmoidal origin Further diagnosis is accomplished through radiographs, which can reveal masses or fluid lines, an endoscopy or sometimes a CT scan or MRI. Nasal - maxillary fibrosarcoma in young horses: The affected sinus should be thoroughly and frequently lavaged as described for primary sinusitis. The hematoma appears as a smooth-walled, well-circumscribed density that contrasts well with air in the sinus.

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